Advance your career with this course in sports technology and AI

AI in Sports with Python course has recently been approved by ISTA Professional Sports Technology Institute for sports and technology professionals. This approval shows how important AI becomes for sports technology helping data scientists and sport professionals and changing the world of sports and athletic performance. Taking the course will give you access to many examples that you can use in your careers as data scientist or a sport practitioner working with health, fitness, sports or human movement analysis. If you are in the sport technology space, ISTA offers discounted access to my course for its members.

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AI in Sports with Python is a comprehensive course and guide to using machine learning methods in sports. It’s for anyone interested in sports, artificial intelligence, and new applications for sports and fitness. Created by Kevin Ashley, Microsoft developer Hall of Fame engineer, a professional instructor and author of popular sports apps, this course complements his new book “Applied Machine Learning for Health and Fitness”, and has been reviewed by Olympic coaches and athletes, data scientists and engineers. Learn AI with Python with fun applications in many sports: tennis, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, football, gymnastics, basketball, javelin, weightlifting, track and field and much more! 

The course is accompanied by practical step-by-step Python code samples and Jupyter notebooks. These models and methods can be used to create solutions for AI enhanced coaching, judging, athletic performance improvement, movement analysis, simulations, in sports, health and fitness, motion capture, gaming, cinema production and more.

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