AI in Sports with Python – Kickstarter funded!

It’s been only 60 days after I launched a Kickstarter campaign on my video course AI in Sports with Python supplementing my book ‘Applied Machine Learning in Health and Fitness’ and it’s been an amazing success! The campaign has now closed with more than one hundred supporters backing my project, raising more than 450% of what was initially requested to fund it, providing valuable feedback and reviewing videos. I’ve been working with startups and ISVs in California and worldwide for almost 10 years, and this is a great proof that the entrepreneurial spirit drives this economy. No matter how big or small the project is, if it’s creative and provides value, it’ll fly! THANK YOU!

During these days of your support, I recorded 20 episodes out of about 25 episodes planned (about 80%), improving quality, light, cinematography, editing, learning along the way! I also listened to your feedback and comments, sending screeners to those of you who volunteered to review. The course is scheduled to launch together with the book by the end of August, but early episodes will be made available for those who supported the project during the campaign soon.

Now… that the Kickstarter caompaign is complete, here’s the link to the course. Ta-Da!

Release DatesΒ and Availability:

Book Availability: The book availability is listed on the publisher’s web site, which says August 17 ( The ebook will be available a bit sooner (a few weeks) than the printed book. If you ordered the printed book, it’ll come separately once available. Those who requested signed rewards will receive once I get printed copies for you to sign and ship πŸ™‚

I’m on track to record the last episodes (in italics):

Video Episodes Recording Schedule

  • Module 1 – Getting Started
    Episode 1.1 – Getting Started
    Episode 1.2 – Data Scientist Toolbox
  • Module 2 – Physics of Sports
    Episode 2.1 – Sensors
    Episode 2.2 – Kinematics
    Episode 2.3 – Figure Skating
  • Module 3 – Neural Networks
    Episode 3.1 – Neural Networks
    Episode 3.2 – Simple Neural Network
    Episode 3.3 – Multi-Layer Neural Network
  • Module 4 – Deep Vision
    Episode 4.1 – Computer Vision
    Episode 4.2 – Classification
    Episode 4.3 – Detection
    Episode 4.4 – Segmentation
    Episode 4.5 – Human Body Joints
  • Module 5 – Human Body Pose Estimation
    Episode 5.1 Pose Estimation Methods: 2D and 3D
    Episode 5.2 Surfing
    Episode 5.3 Detecting Skill Level
    Episode 5.4 Multi-person pose estimation
  • Module 6 – Video Action Recognition
    Episode 6.1 Action Recognition Methods, Datasets, Models
    Episode 6.2 Video Classification
  • Module 7 – Reinforcement Learning
    Episode 7.1 – Reinforcement Learning
    Episode 7.2 – Skateboarding
    Episode 7.3 – Gymnastics
    Episode 7.4 – Human Models
  • Module 8 – Machine Learning in the Cloud
    Episode 8.1 – Working with AI in the cloud
    Episode 8.2 – Training models in the cloud
    Episode 8.3 – Managing machine learning in the cloud
    Episode 8.4 – Taking your AI to production

Estimated length: 3 hours