Halloween Special for Data Scientists!

I walked past a very impressive Halloween Castle, someone in our community put together, with whispering witches and skeletons the size of a two story house, and watching kids coming to watch, play and talk to scary and spooky characters, I couldn’t avoid a temptation to think about a Halloween Special for Data Scientists, something to impress trick-or-treaters even more. I immediately thought that quite a few examples in my book qualify for Halloween special!

Speaking of spooky bones and skeletons: in Chapter 3 of my book and video course there’s a fun example of segmentation methods for tissues, bones and MRI detection. I used an MRI scan of my own knee to demonstrate some of the tools a data scientist can use in radiology. Segmentation is important in many areas of computer vision, and the example of using Scikit-image and OpenCV to segment areas on MRI scans.

Of course there’s much more AI examples for Halloween we can apply to impress kids even more! Robotics is the key part of animating those scary characters in front of your gate greeting trick-or-treaters. Reinforcement learning can be applied to animate humanoid models. Applying AI is certainly fun, and Halloween can get even better!