Get a signed book

This is my 24/7 virtual book signing page: you can get your signed book anytime, by clicking the button at the end of this post. If you already have my book or video course “AI in Sports with Python”, click here to Get an Electronic Signature! Or if you would like to have a physical copy of the new book with my signature on it click Get a Paperback Book with Signature ($5 flat rate shipping anywhere in the US/Canada only)!

Ever wondered how your author signed book is getting shipped? I have the process now completely streamlined, so if you want to support the book and (a vague hint) my next book, you can get a signed copy fast!

Thanks to my publishers, Apress, I have a stock of books ready and waiting for signature 🙂

I ship with, your book will be shipped with USPS mail service in the US. The book weighs about 1 lb 6 oz and fits very nicely in a box from Amazon.

The label is printed on my trusty laser printer and your book is shipped via US Postal Service. This is my virtual signing and shipping process at the moment. Have fun and enjoy!